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Sanfitec Humanities she says -10 years is enough to make her good!

Date: 2023-1-4 13:42:55

      Ten years can make a lot of difference in a complicated world; Ten years is a short time for a growing business. She embraced the original heart, looking at the trees, flowers bloom and fall, has never left. She is Bei Chengfang, the director of quality control Department who takes enterprise as her home.

      Serious and responsible, conscientious and diligent

      "These 10 years of work have taught me to be rigorous and serious, so I feel full and never feel tired," she says, playing with the broken hair on her forehead.

      Indeed, for people in quality control department, rigor is the first element. They are the last line of defense to control the quality of products; products in the hands of consumers must be tested by them.

      So, she went to the production line to check the wall thickness, appearance, size of the pipe fittings is the first thing she does every day. Once found unqualified products, timely communicate with the production department to deal with anomalies, and immediately test all products produced in the production line on that day until there is no anomaly.

      Diligent, good thinking, brave shoulder heavy responsibilities

      "I want to be the first person to see what's wrong, so I can minimize the company's losses!" Suddenly, she stopped smiling and became serious: "Once, when I was inspecting the front line, the size of the pipe fittings produced was wrong because of the machine fault, so I informed the production department and asked them to stop production immediately. In order to ensure the product quality, I made a comprehensive reinspection of all the products produced by the line in time and cooperated with the laboratory to test the product performance."

      Because of these things, she is more strict in the future work requirements, down to the first-line workshop must carefully check, carefully study and judge. In the past 10 years, she has studied hard and gained a lot of fans with her rigorous and earnest working attitude. 10 years is plenty of time for young trees to grow! Enough to make people better and better!


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